100% Wild Pheasant, Sharptail Grouse & Hungarian Partridge.

Montana is still the best kept secret in the west when it comes to the quality of our bird hunting. The vast prairies of Montana are home to the strongest population of Sharptail Grouse in the world and on good years it is not uncommon to see hundreds of pheasants in a few hours of hunting.

You can easily add a few days of upland hunting to your big game hunt. We welcome you to bring your own dogs or use our well trained pointing and flushing dogs. If you’ve ever dreamed about chasing Pheasant or Sharptail Grouse, drop us a line and let’s talk hunting!


Upland hunting at its finest. 

With over 75,000 acres of private land at our disposal, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a unique hunting experience.   

The area that we hunt varies as greatly as the species we are after. We have access to river bottom country for pheasants, shortgrass prairies for sharptail grouse, and everything in between. We are not a one size fits all operation, we work with you to find the ground that best suites your style. 

We can accommodate hunters of any experience level. Whether you are a seasoned hunter who likes to bring his own dogs or this will be your first hunt, we have the place that is just right for you.